Making state government in Ohio simpler, faster, better, and less costly. .
About LeanOhio

The mission of LeanOhio is to make government services in Ohio simpler, faster, better, and less costly. Using continuous improvement methods such as Lean and Six Sigma, Ohio's state agencies are cutting red tape, removing inefficiencies, improving customer service, and achieving measurable results

The LeanOhio Network includes hundreds of state employees who have been involved in Kaizen events. Many have gone on to earn Green Belt or Black Belt certification. The Network includes state employee unions and members who promote Lean, improve processes, and partner with the state to teach Lean tools and strategies.

Each state agency has a Lean Liaison. This ensures communication and coordination throughout state government. Liaisons identify improvement opportunities, engage agency staff in improvement efforts, and ensure that changes are implemented and sustained.

LeanOhio is coordinated by the LeanOhio Office, within the Ohio Department of Administrative Services. Office associates are Lean experts who serve as internal consultants. Services include training, strategic planning, meeting facilitation, data collection and analysis, and Lean event leadership.
LeanOhio Headlines

Learning Opportunity: Lean Brainstorming and Problem-Solving Techniques
Sharpen your problem-solving skills at this special workshop hosted by the Ohio Quality Network. Learn how to identify the true cause of any problem. Add essential tools and techniques to your problem-solving tool set. Session led by LeanOhio's Scot Burbacher.
10 a.m. to noon Friday, April 17, 2015 • Flyer Registration

Ohio Supreme Court: 91% of all purchase requests will get processed in 1 day with simplified workflow
April 3, 2015
Fact Sheet · Report-Out Presentation

Lean-powered results: 20 Black Belts and Green Belts present their improvement projects
March 18, 2015
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Building our skill set in state government:
Meet the 22 people from 12 agencies who just completed LeanOhio Boot Camp
March 9, 2015 · Get a directory of all Boot Camp graduates

1 simple accounts receivable process will become standard practice, replacing 5 separate agency processes
February 27, 2015
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Streamlined enforcement process will bring faster resolution to complaints regarding insurance agents and agencies
January 30, 2015
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New: Lean Six Sigma Methods
Summarizes nine improvement methods in terms of difficulty (skill level required) and complexity (number of people, work units, or processes involved)

Leading with Lean in 2015:
Agency Lean Liaisons convene to coordinate efforts and share best practices
January 20, 2015 · Learn more about the Lean Liaison role

Building state government's in-house expertise:
27 newly trained Black Belts ready to put their Lean Six Sigma skills to work
January 16, 2015

Thousands of hours will be redirected from paperwork to meaningful interactions with youth, thanks to a transformed intervention hearing process
December 12, 2014
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4 more Green Belt projects generate improvements at Aging, OhioMHAS, and OOD
December 2, 2014
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From the Dublin Villager:
Dublin City Schools use Lean Six Sigma to power improvement
"The district is fully committed to implementing these concepts and to operating in the most-efficient manner possible." 
October 8, 2014 · Read the full article

LeanOhio: How does it rate?
Read the results from DAS's 2014 Customer Survey.
Summary Findings and Next Steps

Improved orientation process ensures greater personalized training and faster assignments for youth
September 11, 2014
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New online slideshow:
What really happens at a Kaizen event?

Get an insider's look -- including examples, photos, and links to additional info.

9 grant application processes streamlined into 1
August 29, 2014
Fact Sheet · Report-Out Presentation

LeanOhio featured in FY 2014 DAS Annual Report
"LeanOhio completed more than 300 requests for services."
Read the section about LeanOhio · Download the full Annual Report

From the Springfield News-Sun:
Clark State hosts program aimed at cutting government waste
"Now we do it right the first time and can provide better services from the get-go." 
August 12, 2014 · Read the full article

From The Athens News:
No mud and drills at this boot camp
"We're trying to give them tools so they can create more capacity with the resources they already have." August 10, 2014 · Read the full article

From Mass Transit Magazine:
SARTA Utilizes Lean Ohio Process to Streamline and Improve Transportation Services
"I think this is the best program the State of Ohio has ever put forward in my 20 years of local government service." July 25, 2014 · Read the full article

Now available for Kaizen team members: The Kaizen Event Survival Guide
July 25, 2014
Learn More · Download the 12-page PDF

Procurement process for Turnpike facilities will move up to 85 days faster
July 18, 2014
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Value-Stream Mapping Event:
11 state agencies map out streamlined approach for managing federal grants

July 17, 2014 · Report-Out Presentation

Ohio's local governments head to Boot Camp
LeanOhio "is about taking waste out of your processes and making sure you focus on what your customers value." July 10, 2014 · Read the full article

Grants for crucial heating and cooling assistance will be processed 10 weeks faster on average
June 27, 2014
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Streamlined reception process will move inmates more quickly to their home institutions, strengthening safety and family support
June 13, 2014
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Youth-focused intake process will ensure better communication, greater personalized attention, and faster assignments to home institutions
May 16, 2014
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Ohio Public Radio Statehouse New Bureau, Andy Chow reporting:
LeanOhio Aims to Cut Inefficiencies, Streamline Systems

Service providers will be more knowledgeable and better able to keep Ohioans with disabilities safe and healthy
April 18, 2014
Fact Sheet · Report-Out Presentation

Boards and providers will have faster access to funds through streamlined reporting and request processing
March 21, 2014
Fact Sheet · Report-Out Presentation

Medicaid field reviews will get done 2 months faster while keeping the focus on outcomes
March 14, 2014
Fact Sheet · Report-Out Presentation

Motor carriers will receive needed credentials from PUCO up to 80% faster
February 27, 2014
To ensure road safety, PUCO requires annual registration of motor carriers. Staff used Kaizen to transform the registration process, making it far better for customers and staff alike....
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Law enforcement will get crucial crime-scene information up to 43% faster
February 20, 2014
Fact Sheet · Report-Out Presentation

Ohio law enforcement and staff will get faster IT support from the AG's Office 
February 12, 2014
Quick access to information is crucial to law enforcement. That's why improvements to the AG's IT support process will further strengthen efforts to safeguard Ohioans....
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The mission of LeanOhio
Get an overview of what, why, and how, by LeanOhio founding director Steve Wall.

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The Local Government Efficiency Program includes grants of up to $100,000 to political subdivisions, or scholarships to employees of political subdivisions, for training in and implementation of process efficiency programs such as Lean, Kaizen, and Six Sigma. Approved training courses will be offered throughout the state.

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 from the Ohio Development Services Agency, which is partnering with the Department of Administrative Services to develop and manage the program.
At a Kaizen event, Governor John Kasich saluted the team, voiced his support, and encouraged more people and more agencies to put Kaizen to work. Click on the photo for more info.
Team members
The Kaizen experience in state government: "It was so incredible to see..." ODRC/PNN Multimedia