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Agency Circles and Connectors

To strengthen Lean-related communication and support throughout state government, agencies and boards/commissions are organized into small groups of agency Lean Liaisons (known as circles). Each has an assigned contact (connector) from the LeanOhio Office. Lean Circles convene on a regular basis to share best practices and provide cross-agency support.

Business and Industry
Lean Connectors: Scot Burbacher
     • Public Utilities Commission
     • Insurance
     • Industrial Commission
     • Bureau of Workers' Compensation
     • Development Services Agency
     • Commerce
     • Taxation • 614-728-8411

Public Safety and Criminal Justice
Lean Connector: Denae Kotheimer
    • Adjutant General
    • Department of Public Safety
    • Veterans Services
    • Department of Rehabilitation and Correction
    • Department of Youth Services
    • Ohio Supreme Court • 614-728-2994

Infrastructure and Environment
Lean Connector: Michael Buerger
    • Department of Agriculture
    • Department of Natural Resources
    • Department of Transportation
    • Environmental Protection Agency
    • Ohio Turnpike Commission • 614-466-6023

Administration and Financial
Lean Connector: Tim Krall
    • Department of Administrative Services
    • Department of Higher Education
    • Office of Budget and Management
    • Lottery Commission • 614-466-7522

Health and Human Services
Lean Connector: Racquel Graham
    • Aging
    • Developmental Disabilities
    • Job and Family Services
    • Medicaid
• Health
    • Mental Health & Addiction Services
    • Health Transformation
    • Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities • 614-466-6022

Auditor, OAG, Education, Boards & Commissions
Lean Connector: Brandi Crowley
    • Auditor of State
    • Attorney General
    • Education
    • Boards & Commissions • 614-995-0945

The connector role:
Serve as a primary point of contact between the LeanOhio Office and the agency.
Provide coaching and guidance relating to the Liaison role and Lean implementation.
Put Liaisons in touch with people and resources that can help them succeed.
Periodically bring the Liaisons together (outside of regular quarterly meetings) so they can learn from and support each other.
Prep and post a LeanMatch request when a Lean Liaison needs LeanOhio Network support for an upcoming improvement project.
Stay alert to possible opportunities where Lean Six Sigma can be used by an agency to achieve major improvement -- and discuss these opportunities with the agency Liaison.
Assist with improvement events at agencies.