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2014 LeanOhio Customer Feedback: Summary Findings and Next Steps

Each year DAS sends a survey to its customers to measure satisfaction, responsiveness, customer service, importance, and overall quality of services for each division or office. In addition, LeanOhio asks customers who participated in Kaizen Events how they rated the improvement and the results of the new process.

We want to thank everyone who participated in the survey. We were gratified to receive many kind comments, especially since we know that change and the continuous improvement journey can be bumpy. And we truly appreciate your suggestions for improvement.

Among 121 customers who provided feedback regarding their overall satisfaction with LeanOhio services, nearly nine out of ten people said they were satisfied or extremely satisfied.

On a satisfaction scale of 1 to 5, reporting customers gave LeanOhio an average rating of 4.37 for the services they received -- a half-point gain over the rating from the previous year.

In all service categories, there was an uptick in average ratings from 2013 to 2014. 

The following feedback was especially significant. LeanOhio's Kaizen customers reported a high degree of satisfaction with the new process that resulted from their Kaizen events. The average rating of 4.27 represents an 8% uptick from the previous year's rating.   

The biggest improvement opportunity has to do with responsiveness. While the average rating for this key factor improved from the previous year, we heard loud and clear that some people have trouble reaching the right person in our office when they contact us -- while others end up waiting for information or services.

In response, we have redesigned our online contact information, making it easy for people to identify the specific LeanOhio staff member to contact. Also, we will be making wider use of online waiting lists for our training courses, so that people will be able to gauge the likelihood that they will get a seat in the course -- and be able to plan accordingly. In addition, we will continue to clarify exactly how to schedule any of our services.

All of us at the LeanOhio Office appreciate this feedback, so we send our thanks to the people who completed the survey.

Please continue to let us know how we are doing, whether it's through a future survey or a phone call, an email, or a conversation. We know that hearing from our customers is the best way to get better at serving our customers, so the more input we get, the better.