Making state government in Ohio simpler, faster, better, and less costly. .
The Role of the Agency Lean Liaison

Each Cabinet agency has a Lean Liaison. This person fills an essential role that involves sharing information about Lean, promoting its use, coordinating agency Lean activities, serving as a link to the LeanOhio Office, and more. The full role is described below.

Throughout the Agency
Communicate what Lean is all about and how it’s making state government simpler, faster, better, and less costly. Your agency communications can include:
   • How Lean and Six Sigma are being used in the agency
   • Success stories, measurable results
   • Training opportunities
Promote and coordinate Lean training of agency staff (Boot Camp, Green Belt, Black Belt).
Publicly recognize those individuals who are using Lean to effect change and achieve results.

With the Agency's Director and Senior Staff
Promote a plan for advancing Lean in the agency. Keep it updated to ensure ongoing progress.
Keep leadership informed of Lean activities inside the agency, in other agencies, and statewide.
Promptly fill requests when senior staff ask for Lean-related information.
Provide guidance to ensure that projects align with agency goals.
Encourage leadership to recognize people who are putting Lean to work.

With Belt-Trained Colleagues
Promote training opportunities.
Work closely with your agency’s embedded Black Belt(s) to ensure their expertise is fully utilized.
Ensure that all Belt-trained staff are identifying, starting, and completing projects.
Provide needed support, especially when trained colleagues are working on their first projects.
Recognize colleagues as they move from learning Lean to using Lean and achieving results.
(If the agency’s embedded Black Belt is not also the Liaison, the Black Belt can assist with all of the above.)

With Project Sponsors
Team up with the LeanOhio Office to guide the scoping process so that improvement projects are set up for success.

With Teams and Team Leaders
Ensure that projects are facilitated by Lean-trained staff. (For instance, every Kaizen event needs at least two experienced Kaizen practitioners.)
As projects unfold, answer questions relating to the improvement process – or find people who can.
After events, follow up with teams and attend update meetings to ensure implementation and sustained results.

With the LeanOhio Office
Serve as the link between the LeanOhio Office and agency leadership.
Know what’s available from the LeanOhio Office, and put the resources to work. (Go to for guides, tools, and more.)
Contact the LeanOhio Office for help with planning, prioritizing, and implementation.
Request help with big Lean Six Sigma projects.
Submit key Lean-related agency measures, which are used to calculate statewide results.
Following major improvement events and projects, submit key info and before/after data.

With Other Liaisons
Reach out to other Liaisons with questions and calls for assistance.
Respond to their requests for assistance by providing info, suggestions, and help.
Attend Liaison meetings, which are an ideal forum for exchanging information.
"Trade" Lean practitioners when a neutral facilitator is needed for a project.

Going Beyond your agency
Stay up to date on Lean activities and results in other agencies.
Periodically surf the web to learn about Lean in other public-sector agencies throughout the country.
Also online, get ideas and best practices from companies, associations, experts, and elsewhere.

The Liaison role in brief:
• Communicate and promote Lean
• Coordinate activities
• Provide guidance
• Support projects
• Track and report results
• Recognize and celebrate success
• Build bonds with the LeanOhio Office and with other Liaisons
• Keep learning and growing