Making state government in Ohio simpler, faster, better, and less costly. .
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Tim Krall leads the LeanOhio Office and coordinates its work with Ohio's State agencies. He comes from the private sector with extensive experience in Lean Six Sigma across various industries. He has worked as a project manager, customer service manager, and most recently as a continuous improvement leader. While in the private sector, Tim earned his Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and has led continuous improvement events and training on all organizational levels. He holds a bachelor's degree in Industrial Technology from the Ohio University Russ College of Engineering. "I love seeing a team when the light goes on, when they start seeing the inefficiencies of the current way and start applying Lean thinking," Tim says. "I’m very proud to be part of the LeanOhio team as we help the citizens of Ohio by making government services simpler, faster, better, and less costly."  •  614-466-7522

Brandi Crowley is all about bringing out the best in people. That's what she did in her previous role at the Ohio Department of Public Safety, where she was involved in some of the earliest Kaizen events. And it's what she does in her role with LeanOhio. Brandi has an innate ability to help groups uncover great ideas and address the dynamics of change. Her specialized training and experience in project management is especially helpful when teams get to the planning stage. "My job is so amazing," Brandi says. "I get to work with passionate professionals who are educating our kids, assisting the homeless, and bringing jobs to our great state. The LeanOhio team guides people as they help agencies figure out better ways to serve customers -- and that builds state government's capacity to do more mission-critical work."  •  614-995-0945

Michael Buerger brings to LeanOhio his experience developed at the Ohio Department of Transportation, where he worked as a trainer and facilitator. He has worked with countless classes and focus groups made up of a wide range of State employees, including middle management staff as well as executive leadership teams. It's this diverse experience, coupled with his advanced skills in emotional intelligence, that has allowed Michael to coach others and promote personal development in the workplace. He uses his education in business and information technology along with the deep enthusiasm he has for people to help LeanOhio reach its goals.       •  614-466-6023

Racquel Graham has a wealth of experience in the public sector in two states, developing quality and performance improvement initiatives, leadership development programs, and providing organizational consulting. She is a master trainer and facilitator, leading strategic planning and quality improvement processes, designing and presenting training programs, and managing complex projects. She is passionate about helping individuals and organizations to grow and improve. “What’s exciting about LeanOhio is that people discover that they can change processes, learn the tools to do it, and take pride in making improvements for their customers and their organizations."  •  614-466-6022

Scot Burbacher loves finding better ways of doing things. Throughout his experiences as a systems analyst in both private and public sector settings, Scot has cultivated a passion for solving complex business problems and challenging the status quo. His background in information technology gives him the ability to speak the language of IT professionals and help bridge the gap between the needs of the process and potential IT solutions. As comfortable as Scot is behind a computer, he is equally at ease in front of groups as a trainer and facilitator.  •  614-728-8411
Denae Kotheimer began her Lean Six Sigma career while pursuing her Master’s Degree in Industrial/Organization Psychology. She funded her schooling by working as a Green Belt in the university’s Organizational Effectiveness Unit while teaching statistics courses to undergraduates. She spent five years working at the Ohio Department of Transportation, where she used her educational foundation to deliver trainings and facilitate process improvement in the Office of Employee Development and Lean. Denae loves to watch teams come together and realize that real change is possible. "What is so exciting about the work we do is that moment when a team recognizes that 'we have always done it that way' does not mean 'we must continue to do it that way'."  •  614-728-2994