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LeanOhio Entrepreneur-in-Residence Program

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Program Highlights

• Provide expertise: EIRs are leaders in the small business community and can provide a “voice of the customer” to help improve interactions between public and private-sector.

• Participate in a cutting-edge program: The EIR Program provides an opportunity for private-sector partners to assist in improving coordination, interaction, and outreach between state government and small businesses.

• Collaborate with state government: Be a voice on the inside to help make a difference in improving processes in state government.

• Shape the EIR Program: Participants will help refine the program for future EIRs based on their identification of state government challenges and individual experience during their program tenure.

• Receive public recognition: Through national releases, published by both LeanOhio and your company, our combined stakeholders will be made aware of private-sector contributions to state government.

Roles and Responsibilities

EIR assignments are hosted by LeanOhio and responsibilities may vary. EIRs will:

• Assist with Lean improvement events, training, planning, presentations, and more

• Plan and conduct workshops to share best practices to the LeanOhio Network

• Provide guidance on public-private partnerships and implementation of strategies designed to improve private-sector (small business) engagement

Conditions for Participation

To be eligible for the EIR Program, candidates must meet the following requirements:

• Ohio resident

• Small-business professional

• Approval from their company to participate in the EIR Program

• Successful completion of a background check to determine suitability for state government

• Private-sector leadership experience in identifying continuous improvement efforts and managing project teams and sub-projects that cover all phases of project management


Salaries and expenses are to be paid by the private-sector employers. The EIR will serve a maximum of one year and will report to the LeanOhio Office in Columbus, Ohio.

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For more information, contact Michael Buerger at LeanOhio. 

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