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Efficient data entry and reporting allows more time to serve families

Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority

Project: Resident Services Data Entry Process

• Project resulted from LeanOhio Boot Camp

• October 5-9, 2015 (Kaizen Event)

• Contact: Richelle Wardell · · 330-376-7235

A high degree of variation and a lack of cross–program understanding made it difficult for service coordinators to use the database as a tool to help residents -- and difficult for the department to tell its "story."

Reduce variation across programs, and reduce waste in the current process

Kaizen Event


• Documentation steps reduced from 122 to 49 (implemented)

• External referral process flows through administrative staff to front-line workers, eliminating many handoffs (implemented)

• All programs document participation using the same tool and process (implemented)

Key Metrics:

Steps - Baseline: 122
Steps - Projection: 49

Handoffs - Baseline: 24
Handoffs - Projection: 7

Loopbacks - Baseline: 2
Loopbacks - Projection: 3

Decision Points - Baseline: 1
Decision Projection- Actual: 0

Delays - Baseline: 16
Delays - Projection: 3

Lead Time - Baseline: 10
Lead Time - Projection: 4

Additional Information:
Staff were surveyed following implementation of the improvements. 89% say they spend less time doing data entry, which means they have more time to serve families. (The work they do can best be compared to social work/case management). In addition, the time it takes to create the monthly board report has decreased by approximately 3 hours.


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Racquel Graham – LeanOhio 
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