LeanOhio Network Directory

The LeanOhio Network includes hundreds of state employees who are making government simpler, faster, better, and less costly. Many have special training and certification, including Black Belts and Green Belts. They promote Lean, improve processes, and partner with the state to teach Lean tools and strategies.


Use the directory below to find Lean practitioners in our Network..


Agency Lean Liaisons: Serve as an agency’s point person for sharing information about Lean, promoting its use, and coordinating agency Lean activities.

First NameLast NameSorted By Last Name In Ascending OrderAgencyPhoneEmailBelt LevelLiaison
SteveAdamsOhio Environmental Protection Agency614-644-3432 Camo 
DionneAddisonOhio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction614-728-1902 Camo 
AngelaAdkinsOhio Environmental Protection Agency614-644-3651 Green 
SteveAhrensOhio Adjutant General's Office614-336-4557 Black 
JasonAkbarOhio Office of Budget and Management614-644-8807 Camo 
AmandaAkersOpportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities614-441-0789 Camo 
AlauddinAlauddinOhio Environmental Protection Agency614-644-3675 Camo 
KeithAlbertOhio Department of Public Safety614-995-1735 Green 
MitchellAldersonState Medical Board of Ohio614-728-1241 Green 
DoncellaAlexanderOhio Department of Administrative Services614-629-8202 Green 
TaraAliOhio Department of Job and Family Services216-787-5663 Camo 
ShannonAllenOhio Department of Medicaid614-752-2727 Camo 
DianaAllenOhio Department of Job and Family Services614-466-8471 Camo 
PamelaAllenOhio Office of Budget and Management614-338-4822 Green 
StephanieAllenPublic Utilities Commission of Ohio614-466-0335 Camo 
ArshadAl-SaburOhio Bureau of Workers' Compensation614-728-9088 Camo 
MeghanAltierOhio Department of Transportation740-833-8380 Black 
KailtinAlvarezOpportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities614-438-1749 Camo 
HeatherAmbosOhio Department of Job and Family Services614-387-3632 Camo 
CathyAmburgeyOhio Department of Youth Services330-236-5736 Camo 
MichaelAndersonOhio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction614-752-0800 Green 
ScottAndersonOhio Auditor of State614-466-5059 Black 
MelissaAndersonOhio Department of Administrative Services614-466-4763 Camo 
MichaelAndersonOhio Department of Job and Family Services614-644-5458 Green 
CynthiaAndersonOhio Department of Medicaid614-752-1434 Camo 
TammyAneshansleyOhio Department of Commerce614-644-2374 Camo 
ThomasAngerOhio Attorney General's Office614-644-8742 Camo 
TriciaAnthonyOhio Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services513-948-3647 Green 
MyriahArmourOhio Shared Services, OBM  Camo 
DavidArnOhio Bureau of Workers' Compensation740-353-2202 Camo 
ShannonArnettOhio Department of Medicaid614-752-2593 Camo 
MarthaArterOhio Department of Medicaid614-752-2411 Green 
JamilehAssafOhio Department of Medicaid614-752-4016 Camo 
EllenAugspurgerOhio Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services614-644-8318 Camo 
JenniferAyersOhio Department of Insurance614-644-3430 Camo 
MelissaAyersOhio Department of Medicaid614-752-5363 Camo 
JoshBabbertOhio Department of Taxation614-466-1599 Camo 
CoryBaileyOffice of the Lieutenant Governor of Ohio614-644-0810 Camo 
StevenBakerOhio Department of Administrative Services614-466-8454 Camo 
MarleaBakerOhio Department of Youth Services614-644-7571 Camo 
JoeBanickiOhio Department of Administrative Services614-387-5432 Black 
AmburBannerOhio Department of Medicaid614-752-2115 Camo 
RodneyBarksdaleOhio Office of Budget and Management614-338-4721 Camo 
MatthewBarlowOhio Department of Medicaid614-752-0449 Green 
LisaBarnaOhio Department of Administrative Services614-728-4910 Camo 
IreneBarnettOhio Department of Medicaid614-752-5588 Green 
MarieBarnettOhio Environmental Protection Agency614-705-1019 Camo 
CassieBarrettOhio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction614-728-1188 Camo 
BetsyBashoreOhio Auditor of State  BlackTRUE
AndrewBatesOhio Department of Job and Family Services614-466-1106 Camo 
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