LeanOhio Resources

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5S Guide  7 pages, PDF
Describes a simple tool for organizing your work area in order to reduce waste, increase productivity, and achieve the peace of mind that comes from standardization.

A3 Template  1 page, Excel
A template for guiding problem-solving activities and reporting results.
Additional information on completing an A3 form can be found here

Diagnostic Guide  6 pages, PDF
Designed for Lean practitioners, this guide supplies insights, ideas, and tips that you can use the moment someone contacts you asking for help with Lean-powered improvement. Only by asking good questions can you understand the situation – and determine the next steps that will have the greatest impact.

Go/No-Go Kaizen Event Checklist  1 page, PDF
Lists the steps that are necessary to get a Kaizen event set up for success.

Innovate Before You Automate  3 pages, PDF
It is a best practice that LeanOhio relies on for almost every process improvement project: No IT solutions until you improve the process first. This briefing paper explains the seven reasons why and provides several rich examples.

Kaizen Event Survival Guide  12 pages, PDF
Designed for Kaizen team members, this 12-pager serves as a companion to the slides and instruction that unfold during a week-long Kaizen event. This is a must-have document for anyone who's going to be involved in a Kaizen event.

Key Kaizen Improvements  2 pages, PDF
Reveals the 14 most common improvements from 50+ Kaizen events in state government

Key Roles of a Kaizen Event  2 pages, PDF
Summarizes "who" does "what" in order to ensure a productive Kaizen event.

Lean Event Facilitation Guide  34 pages, PDF
A step-by-step guide to facilitating a successful Lean improvement event.

Lean Six Sigma Methods  1 page, PDF
Summarizes nine proven improvement methods, sorting them in terms of difficulty (skill level required) and complexity (number of people, work units, or processes involved).

Lean Six Sigma Metrics  1 page, PDF
Presents a full range of metrics that can be used to evaluate a process.

Lean Six Sigma Terminology 16 pages, PDF

LeanOhio Information Kit 10 pages, PDF
Included are seven documents that provide extensive information about Lean, Kaizen, and Six Sigma in Ohio state government

LeanOhio Tool Kit  92 pages, PDF
Gives you clear how-to descriptions of crucial tools to analyze processes, generate ideas, reach consensus, build plans, and more.

Metrics Guide  5 pages, PDF
An essential guide for anyone who's involved in process improvement in state government. It includes detailed information about key measures for making processes simpler, faster, better, and less costly.

Process Mapping Guide  2 pages, PDF
A handy reference guide for any group that's going to draw out its work process in detail.

Project Charter Template  1 page, Excel
Provides a fill-in-the-blanks one-pager for capturing key project information.

Project Starter Kit  10 pages, PDF
If you're looking for Lean-ready improvement projects, download this starter kit. It starts with a quick-take assessment that can point you in the right direction -- leading to projects relating to 5S, poka-yoke (mistake-proofing), customer feedback, measurement, visual management, and process mapping.

Schedule for Conducting a Kaizen Event  1 page, PDF
Provides a step-by-step summary of all that needs to happen -- before, during, and after a Kaizen event.








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