Project Selection

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Project Selection Assessment (2 pages) 
Use this quick assessment to review the current situation and uncover the biggest Lean-ready improvement opportunities in your workplace.

5S+ (1 page)
Complete the initial steps for setting up a 5S+ project. The explanatory text and fill-in templates cover key areas that are crucial to success. 

Poka-Yoke (1 page)
Identify a form or some other component of your work process that needs to be mistake-proofed. Start building your team and action plan. 

Customer Feedback (1 page)  
Think through the best ways to get useful customer feedback. Start with a quick review of what your work area currently does to hear from customers, then plan your next steps. 

Meaningful Metrics and Visual Management (1 page)  
Start building or strengthening your work area’s use of key measures. The right measures can provide crucial insights into processes, customer satisfaction, and other important results.

Process Map (1 page)
Begin making the invisible visible with a process map. Define your scope, create a SIPOC, then start identifying potential team members and your next steps.   

Process Improvement (3 pages)
Follow the prompts to focus your process improvement idea – and to turn it into a well-scoped project that's set up for success. You can use this template whether you’re considering a Kaizen Event (lasting a full week), a Lean Routine (totaling about 8 hours over several sessions), or something smaller involving yourself or a small group of colleagues.





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