Featured A3 Reports


Pop quiz: In terms of process improvement in Ohio State government, what is an 'A3'?

  1. A way of thinking
  2. A report
  3. An 11 x 17 piece of paper
  4. An approach to continuous improvement

An A3 is all of these. Ultimately, the A3 is a document for reporting on process improvement projects, but it can also guide projects from problem identification to solution implementation. It is a place to “show your work” and communicate to others what you did and what results you have accomplished. It aligns with the PDCA cycle and provides a structured way of thinking that sees problems as opportunities to make improvements upon every day, promoting continuous improvement. The A3 can also be leveraged when seeking support and authorization for an improvement project. And the A3 report gets its name from the paper size it's intended to be able to fit on (A3, or 11" x 17"), which is considered the industry standard in organizations that utilize Lean-Six Sigma approaches to improvement.

Here you will find a selection of A3 reports with featured results from Lean improvement projects submitted by LeanOhio Boot Camp Camo Belt candidates. You will also find an Excel file with the A3 template, instructions and some examples. Additionally, there is a PowerPoint slide deck and a link to a YouTube video with instructions on how to use and complete the A3.

If you have completed a project and wish to submit an A3 to LeanOhio, please send it to LeanOhio@das.ohio.gov.


Example A3 Reports
Personal Income Tax Refund Application Process
Matt Dodovich, Kyra Horvath, Andrew Winkel, Ohio Department of Taxation
» A3 Report (Ocotber 2019)
Extended Employment Surveys Process
Charuta Kelkar, Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities
» A3 Report (September 2018)
OSS VOLT Process
Cheyenne Sparacio and Abdi Awjama, Ohio Office of Budget and Management
» A3 Report (September 2018)
OPI Purchasing and Delivery
John Coleman, Ohio Department of Rehabiliation and Correction
» A3 Report (September 2018)
ODE Professional Conduct
Patrice Yacko, Ohio Department of Transportation
» A3 Report (February 2018)
MPIP Hospital Payment Recalculation
Emma Esmont, Ohio Department of Medicaid
» A3 Report (February 2018)
Pick-up/Delivery Process for JFS Warehouse
Alyshia Dygert, Ohio Department of Job and Family Services
» A3 Report (October 2017)
NOD - Notice of Operational Deficiency
Vanita Curry, Ohio Department of Medicaid
» A3 Report (October 2017)
NCI: From Orientation to Treatment
Beth Gersper, Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services
» A3 Report (October 2017)
BWC Invoicing
Doug Smith, Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation
» A3 Report (July 2017)
Public Records
Kim Kline, Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation
» A3 Report (July 2017)
DOT and DRC Truck Assembly
Kathy Forrest, Ohio Department of Job and Family Services
» A3 Report (July 2017)