LeanOhio Overview

Here’s how the LeanOhio Office is making government simpler, faster, better, and less costly.

Major Process Improvement

Consultants from the LeanOhio Office lead major process-improvement events. In 5-day Kaizen events, teams transform key processes -- eliminating red tape, removing bottlenecks, reducing process time, strengthening service, and saving money. Since January 2011, LeanOhio has led over 80 Kaizen events.

Strategy Deployment
LeanOhio consultants assist agencies in developing business strategy. This methodology provides leaders with a mechanism for deciding which priorities truly matter right now, and creates a linkage between continuous improvement initiatives and the organization's strategic goals -- a critical component to ensuring support and sustainment of any Lean iniative.
Training and Development The LeanOhio Office has a robust program of training, development, and mentoring. Offerings include White Belt Training (1.5 hours), Yellow Belt Training (1 day), Boot Camp (4 days + project), Green Belt Training (8 days + project), Black Belt Training (5 weeks + project).
LeanOhio Network The LeanOhio Network unites State employees who have attended LeanOhio training. The group is over 1000 people strong, with 66 Black Belts and over 200 Green Belts. Among state governments, Ohio leads the nation with the most in-house Lean expertise.
Improvement Resources To power new thinking and higher levels of improvement, the LeanOhio Office routinely adds to its library of improvement resources.

  Making state government in Ohio simpler, faster, better, and less costly. .