All About a Kaizen Event

At the LeanOhio Program Office, we help agencies get significant results by putting Kaizen and other Lean tools to work. We'll be happy to team up with you and your agency -- whether you're seeking a quick introductory overview to Lean and Kaizen, or a full-scale Kaizen event to overhaul a core process, or something in between.

What we do BEFORE a Kaizen event:

  1. Present an overview of Lean and Kaizen events to management  optional
         » Download the LeanOhio Information Kit   PDF
  2. Conduct a "pre-scope" to review potential issues, core processes, and improvement opportunities  optional
         » Download Go/No-Go Kaizen Event Checklist   1 page, PDF
  3. Meet with management in a scoping session (at least 4 weeks before Kaizen event)
  4. Collect and analyze baseline data (after scoping session)
  5. Conduct customer satisfaction survey (after scoping session)
  6. Conduct "voice of the customer" focus group(s)  optional

What we do DURING a Kaizen event:

  1. Present statistical analysis of current process data
  2. Present results of customer satisfaction survey
  3. Provide just-in-time training on Lean and Six Sigma principles and tools
  4. ID and document all steps in the current process
         » Download a process mapping summary   2 pages, PDF
  5. Analyze current process to uncover value-added steps and wasteful non-valued-added steps
  6. Identify, rate, and reach consensus on best ideas for improvement
  7. Create and reach consensus on a new ideal process based on a pull system and proper flow
  8. Use various Lean tools as needed to increase speed and reduce waste throughout the process (takt time, spaghetti maps, 5S, etc.)
  9. Create an implementation plan for the new process, with action registers for communication, training, IT involvement, etc.
  10. Develop a scorecard of meaningful measures for tracking implementation progress and results
         » Download a summary of key metrics   1 page, PDF
  11. Guide the preparation of a report-out presentation, delivered to leadership and staff on the final day of the Kaizen event
         » Download a sample report-out presentation

What we do AFTER a Kaizen event:

  1. Conduct follow-up meetings to review progress -- first at 30 days after a Kaizen event, then at 60-day, 90-day, 120-day, 6-month, and 1-year intervals
  2. Report updated results at
  3. Conduct a second customer satisfaction survey 6-9 months after the Kaizen event to identify progress and needs
  4. Promote recognition opportunities for successful teams


Improvement teams are streamlining their core processes -- reducing wait times, strengthening service to customers, and saving money.
See how they're getting it done: Click here to download the LeanOhio Kaizen Information Kit.

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