Meet the LeanOhio Team

  Michael Buerger is committed to streamlining work processes and delivering quality services in a cost-effective way by utilizing the tools of Lean and Six Sigma. He currently leads the LeanOhio team, an office within the Ohio Department of Administrative Services that works to make government services simpler, faster, better, and less costly. Michael holds a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification and uses his education in business and information technology along with the deep enthusiasm he has for people to work smart and achieve results. It’s this diverse experience, coupled with his advanced skills in emotional intelligence that has allowed Michael to coach others and promote personal development in the workplace.  •  614-466-6023
  Scot Burbacher loves finding better ways of doing things. Throughout his experiences as a systems analyst in both private and public sector settings, Scot has cultivated a passion for solving complex business problems and challenging the status quo. His background in information technology gives him the ability to speak the language of IT professionals and help bridge the gap between the needs of the process and potential IT solutions. As comfortable as Scot is behind a computer, he is equally at ease in front of groups as a trainer and facilitator.  •  614-728-8411
  Julie Finnegan is passionate not only about helping others improve processes, but also teaching people the tools and methods to go out and help others maximize their potential.  Throughout her experiences in communications, public relations and marketing, Julie has developed the skills necessary to listen to a variety of problems and points of view and translate them into common themes and customizable solutions to everyday challenges.  Julie holds a Master’s Degree in Art History, with undergraduate foundations in psychology and business.  Her diverse educational and professional background has prepared her for the task of applying Lean Six Sigma principles to a variety of workplace processes.  •  614-466-6022
  Hannah Thomas believes in empowering staff with the tools and techniques to improve the work they do every day. She has worked with state and local governments through the course of her career as an administrator in criminal justice to promote best practices. Hannah enjoys creating an open and honest space for participants and brings a level of empathy and excitement with her to every event.  She works with organizations to achieve their desired state while developing buy-in from stakeholders.  She is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and a PROSCI Certified Change Management Practitioner.  Hannah completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology at Ohio Wesleyan University and holds a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from University of Cincinnati.  •  614-728-7028







  Making state government in Ohio simpler, faster, better, and less costly. .