Lean Six Sigma Consulting

In addition to their work leading major Kaizen events, consultants from the LeanOhio Office assist State agencies with the following Lean Six Sigma methods and tools.

Data Analysis: Every process is full of possible measures and data – to such a degree that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. LeanOhio consultants can help you identify meaningful metrics, interpret what they’re telling you, and set up a long-term system for the wise use of data.

Value Stream Mapping: This high-level process maps the flow of resources, information, and other inputs throughout the organization. It is used to identify core processes and potential improvement projects, including major Kaizen events.

3P Production Preparation Process: 3P is used to develop a new process for a new service. It’s an event-driven approach that uses Lean principles at the very start, when a process is created.

DMAIC Projects: DMAIC stands for define, measure, analyze, improve, and control. LeanOhio staff are experts at the DMAIC approach, and they can provide DMAIC guidance to help you improve, optimize, and manage your agency’s core processes.

5S+: 5S+ stands for sort, straighten, shine, standardize, sustain, and safety. The 5S+ approach is facilitated by LeanOhio consultants to help agencies create and maintain well-organized work areas – the kind of work areas that support high quality, efficient service, and customer and employee satisfaction.

Form Poka-Yoke: From the Japanese term for mistake-proofing, poka-yoke is used to eliminate the root cause of delays and other inefficiencies. One of the biggest improvement opportunities in government relates to forms. LeanOhio staff can help you redesign your forms so that needed information from customers is supplied correctly and completely the first time around.

Visual Management: If you keep an eye on the scoreboard when watching sporting events, you’ve benefited from visual management in action. In a similar way in the work world, agencies can use signs, charts, information displays, process maps, and more to communicate key information to employees – about processes, customer satisfaction, other important results, and more.

Voice of the Customer: When it comes to improvement, understanding the customer’s spoken and unspoken requirements is essential. LeanOhio can guide your group in a variety of VOC approaches, including interviews, surveys, polls, focus groups, observation, and complaint logs.


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