The Lean Leader Development Program (LLDP) provides high-potential state employees with an immersive experience of advanced learning, practice, and knowledge transfer back to their agencies. Participants work in-house with the LeanOhio Office, teaming up with LeanOhio consultants in four major areas:

• Scoping and facilitating major process improvement events

• Conducting training for Lean learners at other agencies

• Building a resource or other deliverable to support statewide Lean Six Sigma efforts (such as a brief instructional guide, or a template to be used by improvement teams, or a survey to gather input from a key group)

• Developing strategy aimed at further strengthening the Lean Six Sigma (LSS) capacity in state government.   


Benefits for Participants and their Agencies

A program participant will spend a minimum of three months in-house with the LeanOhio Office. They will be engaged from start to finish, returning to their agencies with a full set of strengths and capabilities, including:

• Extensive hands-on experience in process improvement

• A much deeper working knowledge of key LSS tools and techniques

• Facilitation know-how and confidence, from co-facilitating improvement events with LeanOhio consultants

• A process-driven mindset, achieved by working with LSS practitioners

• A deep understanding of how LSS fits into the larger organizational picture

• The strategic and operational know-how that’s needed to move LSS from a sideline activity to an agency’s approach of choice for improving key work processes

• Strengthened knowledge, skills, abilities for training, coaching, and mentoring

• Participants return to their agencies with a fully charged sense of confidence, possibility, and readiness

Capstone Benefit: Implementation Plan

During their concluding month with the LeanOhio Office, each participant will work with a LeanOhio consultant to identify how they will use and implement their new know-how when they return to their agency. This implementation plan, developed with others from the agency (including the agency Lean Liaison and leadership), is the bridge that ensures successful knowledge transfer – so that the participant’s experience in the Lean Leader Development Program benefits the person’s home agency in a significant way.






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