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Lean-powered improvements sharply reduce training change requests

Agency: Adjutant General's Department -- Army National Guard
Project Type: Green Belt Project
Process: Unit Training Plan Process
Project: Training Resource Cycle
Project Leader: Captain Michael Antonas (Green Belt Candidate)
Team Members: Col Robert Bramlish- Project Sponsor; LTC Joshua Quantz; Maj Peter Rakowsky (Black Belt Trained) ; SGM Edwin Berio; 1SG Mathew Meter (Green Belt Candidate)
When: 2013-15
Contact: Mark Robertson
Phone: 614-336-7460

The training resource cycle has shown a significant increase in Inactive Duty Training (IDT) and Annual Training change requests since Training Year 08. In the past 5 years, there has been an average of 12 Annual Training change requests and 135 IDT change requests leading to rework, under-execution of funds, and under-utilization of OHARNG training resources.

Biggest Changes: 1) Adjust Training Management time line to culminate in allowing units more planning time. 2) Implement new Inactive Duty Training and Annual Training Change Request Policy, 3) limiting number of change requests per Major Subordinate Commands and requiring the Major Subordinate Command Commanders to provide written approval prior to submission.

Benefits: More accurate forecasting of resources, better collective training, and less rework

Additional Results: The goal was to reduce the number of Inactive Duty Training change requests by 60% and Annual Training change requests to 1 or less. For Training Year 2015 the Inactive Duty Training change requests were reduced by 58.6% (72.3% reduction of changes inside 120 days), and there have been 0 Annual Training change requests. Some solutions were implemented 2/14 and the project was completed on 3/2015.

Posted June 30, 2015

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January-December 2015

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