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Balanced scorecard benefits from Black Belt improvements

Agency: Adjutant General's Department -- Army National Guard
Project Type: Black Belt Project
Process: Ohio Air National Guard Balanced Scorecard Metric Reporting Process
Project: LSS Project
Project Leaders: Vice Commanders and GSU Commmander from 5 Air National Guard Units
Team Members: 179th AW Vice CC, 200th RHS Det1 CC, 178th Deputy CC, 121st ARW Vice CC, & 180th FW Vice CC
When: 2015
Contact: Mark Robertson
Phone: 614-336-7460

The Ohio Air National Guard's 10 reporting Units were tracking, and collectively reporting, as many as 606 non-NGCS measured items per month, with some Units reporting up to 81 measured items per month for Ohio Air National Guard's Balanced Scorecard program. It was taking approximately 1,030 hours per year for the 10 Units to compile data from various sources and manually enter it monthly into the Balanced Score. Many items being reported were not the key process indicators (KPIs) of the organization.

Biggest Changes: The team determined the KPIs for the organization in alignment with the Strategic Plan and removed non-value added metrics. Units now track and report on a total of 172 non-NGCS items per month, which is a 72% decrease. The critical few metrics are better able to be analyzed to identify trends, deficiencies, and best practices.

Other Changes: Identified the strategic objectives of the organization and that the customer for the scorecard was strategic level group. Freed up time for Unit personnel.

Number of Processes - Baseline: 10
Number of Processes - Actual: 4

Cycle Time - Baseline: 1,030 hours
Cycle Time - Projection: 199 hours

Redirected Hours: 831 (81% reduction)

Posted January 15, 2016

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January-December 2015

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