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Improved shipping process ensures faster delivery of goods -- and more time for mission-critical work

Agency: Adjutant General's Department -- Army National Guard
Project Type: Kaizen Event
Process: Central Issues Pick, Pack, and Ship Process
Team Members: 1LT Brian Scanlon, SGT Deylon Watson, SFC Rick Arreguin, Jana Edmunds (ODOT), SGT Robert McBride, and Aaron Bauer
Contact: Mark Robertson
Phone: 614-336-7460
When: September 2015

A lack of adequate stocking in primary and secondary locations, and difficulty finding items that were stocked incorrectly, was leading to delays and frustration in the "Pick, Pack and Ship Process" process. About 6,600 items are picked and packed per month.

Biggest Change: Kanban system to ensure inventory is organized and items are in stock for filling orders.

Other Changes: Adding a runner to allow for retrieval of missing stock concurrent to picking process keeping process moving without delay. Use of radios to reduce motion waste and contribute to better and more timely communication between team members.

Steps - Baseline: 69
Steps - Projection: 37

Decision Points - Baseline: 17
Decision Points - Projection: 6

Delays - Baseline: 12
Delays - Projection: 3

Lead Time - Baseline: 50-190 minutes
Cycle Time - Projection: 50-165 minutes

Posted January 15, 2016

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January-December 2015

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