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Most Informal Dispute Resolutions will get done in just two days -- 46 days faster than the previous average time

Project Type:
Kaizen Event
Process: Informal Dispute Resolution
Team Name: Team2
Agency: Ohio Attorney General
Project Leader: Sheila Laverty (AG)
Team Members: Jonathan Blanton, Fran DiDonato, Danielle Warner, Jenna Ansel, Sheila Laverty, Shelley Nixten, Patty Anderson, Heather Helton, Ida Parsley, Heather Stubbs, Brian Morrison, Melissa Wright, Rebecca Grace, and Nicole Bent
When: June 2015

The current Attorney General (AG) Informal Dispute Resolution Process is often bogged down by unworkable complaints leading to a backlog, long processing times, and frustration on the part of consumers and AG staff. Customer service was impacted due to high workload and misaligned distribution of duties.

Biggest Change:
Faster closure of most complaints by empowering staff at all levels to close simple complaints at the lowest reasonable level. Consumers will be contacted sooner with clearer communication.

Other Changes:
Transformed to a cohesive team: Group PIAs and specialists by category, and have specific assigned investigators and attorneys. • Enabling specialist to be redeployed to customer service: Establish realistic expectations with the consumers and redirect their time away from “scams” and “lemon law” complaints. Scams and lemon-law complaints will now be handled by the help center, allowing specialists to redeploy their time to critical complaints. • Tighten timelines: In the current process, consumers and suppliers were given an infinite amount of time to respond – leading to a significant backlog and long processing times. Going forward, a clear and documented process will close cases due to non-response.

Steps - Baseline:
Steps - Projection: 73

Lead Time - Baseline:
Lead Time - Projection: 2

Posted June 30, 2015

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January-December 2015

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