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Customers to get faster answers with improved inquiry system

Agency: Ohio Department of Aging
Project Type: Black Belt Project
Process: GovQA Process
Project: LSS Project
Project Leader: Hilary Stai
When: 2015
Contact: Hilary Stai
Phone: 614-466-5002

Every division uses GovQA (an application adopted in 2009 to track constituent inquiries) differently and interprets policy differently. Variation in process between users and divisions. Information from the system is not used beyond tracking that someone responded to an inquiry.The original goals are not being met.

Biggest Changes: Expedite entry of inquiries into the system through an automated front-end portal.

Other Changes: Eliminate adding narrative information (not value added). Ensure accurate assignment (comprehensive matching lists). Have a new online customer satisfaction survey with four questions.

Number of Steps - Baseline: 30
Number of Steps - Actual: 8

Decision Points - Baseline: 8
Decision Points - Projection: 2

Posted January 15, 2016

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January-December 2015

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