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Program standards better protected with strengthened review process

Agency: Ohio Department of Aging
Project Type: Green Belt, Patricia Clements (Ohio Department of Job and Family Services)
Process: Quality Review Process
Team Members: Mike Eberle, Reggie Brown, Mike Gerber, Dale Farmer, Ed Gortner, Chris Holmes, Greg Lauck, Aaron Wolfe, Bonnie Buthker, Bill Lohner, Kathleen Botos, Marc Glasgow
When: 2015
Contact: Patricia Clements
Phone: 614-387-1245

The Designation and Service Review (DSR) in each regional ombudsman program was taking 12-18 months to complete, and there was confusion regarding staff roles and expectations. The DSR is an important opportunity to assure that program standards are met -- and to identify where technical assistance might be needed.

Biggest Change:
Clear delineation of staff roles within the process, with the regional program director having greater ownership.

Other Changes:
Annual DSRs -- shortened timeline with clear end date to eliminate waste and reduce correspondence. Increased understanding of the regional areas before reviews.

Steps - Baseline: 49
Steps - Projection: 20

Handoffs - Baseline: 8
Handoffs - Projection: 2

Decision Points - Baseline: 7
Decision Points - Projection: 2

Lead Time - Baseline: 18 months
Lead Time - Projection: 6 months

Posted January 15, 2016

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January-December 2015

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