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Improvements to check-deposit process are adding up to big time savings 

Agency: Department of Agriculture
Project Type: Black Belt Project
Process: Pesticide Check Deposit Process
Project Leader: George McNab
When: 2014-15
Contact: George McNab
Phone: 1-614-728-4213

In 2013, the State Auditor's audit found that 30% of the checks received by the Pesticide Program were not deposited in a timely manner. The OAC requires all receipts by a state entity be deposited within three business days -- while deposits were being made 8 business days late on average.

Biggest Change: The Division of Plant Health is now scanning checks with an electronic check scanner to automate payments. This has reduced the average time to deposit a check by 74%, to 2.75 days (as of January 2016).

Other Changes: EODA's Business Office can redirect work hours to other projects due to electronic check deposits. The electronic check scanner is now being used department wide, reducing the number of days to deposit checks.

Steps - Baseline: 44
Steps - Actual: 32

Handoffs - Baseline: 11
Handoffs - Actual: 5

Decision Points - Baseline: 8
Decision Points - Actual: 4

Delays - Baseline: 4
Delays - Actual: 4

Lead Time - Baseline: 52.8 hours
Lead Time - Projection: 34.8 hours

Time to Complete Form - Baseline: 60 minutes
Lead Time - Projection: 15 minutes

Savings - Actual: $520
Savings - Source: Reduced fuel and parking costs attributed to reducing travel from 5 days a week to 3 days delivering checks downtown

Redirected Hours - Projection: 770

Additional Information: Reduction in the mean days to deposit from 10.5 days to 2.75 days (73.8% reduction). Only 1% of checks were processed in a timely manner in 2014 – now, 84.56% of checks are processed within 3 business days (Process Sigma = 2.52). Over the course of a year in which the new approach is being year, 770 work hours dedicated to the old check deposit process will be redirected to other work at the agency.

Posted January 15, 2016

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