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New employees will be better prepared with easy access to key information  

Agency: Bureau of Workers' Compensation
Process: New Employee Onboarding Process
Team Leader: Diane Murray
Team Members: Diane Murray (Team Leader), Robin Adams (Project Manager), Jerry Quick (IT Resources), David Boyd (Service Desk and Login Accounts), Tom Sidick and Dee Seidenschmidt (Personnel), Cynthia Hill (Training Resource), Danielle Halfast (IT Field Support, SharePoint access), Mark Later (Payroll), Mike Lucid (Facilitator), Brian Galloway (Surveys)
When: 2015
Contact: Mike Lucid
Phone: 614-728-9664

Complaints were being received from hiring supervisors and newly hired employees regarding not having appropriate equipment/accesses when beginning their employment.

Biggest Change: Development of an external website where new hires can obtain information and learn what they need to do prior to their first day of work.

Other Changes: All parties involved in the process will be cc'd on a new hire report so they can begin their tasks. Also, an internal "On Boarding" web site will be created, with all important information/forms for hiring supervisors.

Steps - Baseline: 155
Steps - Projection: 129

Decision Points - Baseline: 34
Decision Points - Projection: 22

Posted January 15, 2016

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January-December 2015

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