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Agency: Ohio Department of Administrative Services (DAS)
Project Type: Camo Belt Project
Process: Circuit Ordering 
Project: Circuit Ordering Redesign Project
Project Leader: Craig Smith (DAS)
Team Members: Alicia Shipley (DAS OIT ISD UNS), Craig Smith (DAS OIT ISD UNS), Alan Snowdon (DAS OIT ISD UNS), Greg Gicale (DAS OIT ISD UNS), Henry Smith (DAS OIT ISD UNS), Spencer Wood (DAS OIT ISD)
When: April-June 2014
Contact: Lisa Donnelly or Wendy Boggs
Email/Phone: (614-644-2227), (614-466-1762)

A circuit is used to provide a data connection between two or more locations, which may be either physical or within the cloud. When an agency needs to obtain, modify or remove a circuit, it places an order. In February 2014, a new process was implemented to replace a legacy system. Almost immediately, complaints were heard from the suppliers stating they weren’t receiving the necessary information to complete their portion of the circuit. Each supplier or vendor was receiving a separate order. There was no information flow between vendors so they knew what to do or how to complete their portion of the workflow. Additionally, multiple orders were being generated for the same request.

Creates a standard process for circuit design and implementation. Places the design responsibility at DAS OIT instead of the agencies. Uses the Thursday review meeting to discuss the best approach for design and ensures consistency across the state.

Automates data gathering between OIT, OARNET and the vendor. (currently being compiled by hand in a spreadsheet) Uses ServiceNow as the interface where all entities record requests and progress made on the request. Creates real time order tracking, information sharing, and simultaneous processing.

Automatically closes out the order when all parties have reviewed and approved the product. Using ServiceNow, system approvals will occur online once the product is tested and deemed complete. Once the agency, the vendor, and OIT have approved, the system automatically closes the order.

Steps - Baseline: 44
Steps - Projection: 31

Handoffs - Baseline: 14
Handoffs - Projection: 4

Additional Benefits: The transformed process will place emphasis on circuit design and coordination by DAS IT engineers, thereby redirecting state agency IT time and potentially reducing maintenance funds.

Posted June 30, 2015

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