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Purchasing will run smoother with clearer process for contract determinations

Agency: Ohio Department of Administrative Services
Process: State Contract Determination and Recommendation Process 
Project Leader: Alan Childress
Team Members: DAS: Alan Childress, Kristen Johnson, Samuel Lange, Patrick Means, Pam Osborne, Lisa Barna. DNR: Phil Murray.
When: April-June 2014
Contact: Andrew Cochran
Phone: 614-644-5907

Download the visuals from a project presentation (PDF)

Recommendations on whether current state contracts ought to be renewed, replaced, or allowed to expire were not being received in a timely manner -- increasing the risk that contracts for certain items could be temporarily unavailable for agencies to make purchases from, and thus preventing them from achieving their missions.

Biggest Change:
Employing a new and improved spreadsheet that visually cues contract analysts of recommendations that are due in the next month, and proactive processes to push notifications to analysts.

Other Changes: Fast-track approval process for certain types of recommendations, an error-proofed recommendation form, and updated standard operating procedures that clearly communicate expectations to staff.

Steps - Baseline: 36
Steps - Projection: 20

Number of Form - Baseline: 2
Number of Forms - Projection: 1

Number of Processes - Baseline: 2
Number of Processes - Projection: 1

Additional Benefits: Recommendations submitted on time will make it more likely that replacement/renewal contracts can be enabled prior to their predecessor's expiration. As a result, the risk of agencies not having contracts to purchase off of will be further reduced

Posted January 15, 2016

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