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Streamlined enforcement process will bring faster resolution to complaints regarding insurance agents and agencies

Agency: Insurance
Project Type: Kaizen Event, Black Belt Project
Process: Enforcement Process
Team Name: EL2F
Project Leader: Todd Overholtzer (ODI)
Team Members: David Barney, Jim Burkart, Ivana Brkic, Beth Chase, Melissa Chuvalas, Steve Cole, Rhonda Daniels, Cameishi Lindley, Darcy Moulin, Todd Oberholtzer, Lindsey Pullen, Leslie Short, Karen Vourvopoulos, Diane Wiggins (ODI), Archanna Manoharan (JFS), Scottie Powell (BWC)
When: January 2015
Contact: Steve Cole
Phone: 614-387-1402

Current process was time-consuming, paper-based, included multiple tracking systems and silos of information, and there was a lack of transparency and accountability between participating ODI divisions.

Biggest Change:
Case files will be uploaded into a central database that is accessible to all (4) divisions. Integrated dashboards will increase visibility into case statuses, and automatic notifications will eliminate the need for manual tracking through separate databases.

Other Changes:
A separate site is being developed that only the AG has access to, where the AG can view/print case documents that have been uploaded by ODI employees. The AG will not have access to the ODI system.

Steps - Baseline:
Steps - Projection: 60

Handoffs - Baseline: 36
Handoffs - Projection: 14

Lead Time - Baseline: 60 days
Lead Time - Projection: 15 days

Savings: Potential 170,000 fewer pages per year
Redirected Hours - Projection: 1,300

Posted June 30, 2015

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January-December 2015

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