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Transformed process for treatment teams will strengthen the focus on youth while freeing up 12,000 hours per year for mission-critical activities

Agency: Youth Services
Project Type: Kaizen Event
Process: Interdisciplinary Treatment Team (IDT) Meeting Process
Team Name: Team IDT: Innovative-Dynamic-Transformational
Project Leader: Anna Karousis
Team Members: Ida Lewis, James Rice, Vernita Provitt, Davin Berrier, Bryan Weimerskirch, Nate Lawson, Corey Ball, Dave Tobin, Robert Stewart, Michael Baker, Karen Lemons, Lynn Williams, Terry Florence, Ivan Exum, Kelli Walters, Theresa Myers, Demetrius Al-Lateef, Vanessa Jones, Alisha Bailey, Melissa O’Dell, Joel Nussbaum, Katherine Patton, Linda Kleiber, Melissa Mitchell, Kimberly Jones-Baker, Aaron Katusian, Louis Barrett, Patti Clements, Brandi Potts (JFS), and Michelle Upshaw (BWC)
Contact: Anna Karousis
Phone: 614-728-5733
When: April 2015

Lack of coordination between all groups led to a process that is not as youth focused and comprehensive as it could be.

Improvements: Youth will have a more focused IDT process. Unnecessary information has been removed in the new process so only goals and development for the youth will be discussed at the meetings.Staff at the three institutions will work together with the youth to create one comprehensive plan for the youth. Staff will have access to all notes and goals about the youth through JJCMS. Staff will work as a team to ensure that the youth is prepared for a successful stay at the institution and re-entry into the community.

Steps - Baseline: 195
Steps - Projection: 81

Decision Points - Baseline: 10
Decision Points - Projection: 6

Processes - Baseline: 3
Processes - Projection: 1

Cycle Time - Baseline: 34,176 hours
Cycle Time - Projection: 21,696 hours

Savings - Projection: $3,154
Savings Source: Paper and printing

Redirected Hours - Projection: 12,000

Posted June 30, 2015

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January-December 2015

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