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Standardized tracking approach puts important information in one place in half the time

Agency: Ohio Department of Youth Services
Project Type: Camo Belt
Process: Education Data Collection
Project Name: Reflections Room Data Collection
Project Leader: Robert Depinet
Contact: Robert Depinet
Phone: 614-387-6024
When: December 2015

Central office staff wanted to be able to track how often individual teachers referred students to the Reflections Room. The Reflections Room is where students are sent when they act up in class, so they can do classwork in an alternate setting while they reflect on their behavior, how it affects others, etc. until they are ready to return to class. The referrals to the room were only documented on spreadsheets designed by each school, collecting data they individually had deemed relevant. There was no way to share the data centrally.

Biggest Change: Data is now entered in the school information system via a page designed for this purpose. This puts the data into the central school information database. All of the schools enter the same information. It can be analyzed by anyone who needs information. Information on individual teacher referrals will be generated by a report that can be run monthly or on demand.

Other Changes: Instead of the data being collected via paper and then entered into a spreadsheet, the data is now entered directly into the database by the teacher in the Reflections Room as youth are referred to the room. Additionally, as the schools decide on what information they want out of the data, dynamic reports will be created that can be run on demand providing updated information whenever it is needed. This will be phase two of the project.

Benefits: At one school, pieces of the data were being entered on 13 different pages of a spreadsheet by the assistant principal, from which it was collated into one page. This was after the data was collected on paper at the point of referral by the Reflections Room teacher. At another school, the data was entered into a spreadsheet by the assistant principal after being collected on paper by the Reflections Room teacher. Entering directly into the database will save at least half the time and the work of a second person.

Posted January 15, 2016

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January-December 2015

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