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Response time cut in half thanks to simple checklist and strengthened communication

Agency: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Project: Office of Legal, Trade Secrets -- Lean Event
Project Leaders: Cindy Hafner and John Crist
Team Members: Cindy Hafner, John Crist, Mark Navarre, Bill Fischbein, Todd Anderson, Drew Bergman, Jeff Hurdley
When: December 2014 - January 2015
Contact: Elisha Ehnes
Phone: 614-902-4227

Nonstandard process.

By developing and incorporating a checklist for our legal team, we can quickly determine if a claim is complete when we receive it -- while also creating a document that will create ease in the case of a public record request. • We also standardized the communication with the customer and a defined workflow for all team members. • Better guidance on our website will reduce the amount of calls and questions.

Lead Time - Baseline: 5-7 hours
Lead Time - Projection: 3 hours

Benefits: We improved our response time with increased confidence in determination. We also determined we could improve our guidance to our customers or claimants while also better utilizing IT.

Posted June 30, 2015

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January-December 2015

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