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Clear process for licenses and registrations is saving time for staff and customers

Agency: Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
Process: Division of Materials & Waste Management -- Licenses and Registrations
Project: DMWM Kaizen
Project Leaders: Pam Allen and Sharon Gbur
Team Members: Brian Dearth, Leanne Greenlee, Debbie Kellough, Greg Howard, Tracy Buchanan, Phil Farnlacher, Fanny Haritos, Holly Hillyer, Jeremy Carroll, Kelli Foreman, Jeff Hurdley, Curtis Delong, Rich Fox 
When: March-April 2015
Contact: Elisha Ehnes
Phone: 614-902-4227

Tremendous variation in the license and registration process across the districts and state.

Biggest Change:
The team developed and documented a standardized and streamlined process across the state, with roles and responsibilities defined.

Other Changes:
A formalized outreach process is now in place for customers. • Forms were mistake-proofed (poka-yoke) to ensure that only required information is requested. • Format of the paper forms was revised for ease of completion by applicants -- and these revised forms will be mirrored when electronic versions are finalized.

Steps - Baseline: 311
Steps - Projection: 123

Decision Points - Baseline: 39
Decision Points - Projection: 23

Waste - Actual: Eliminated 47 of 48 points of waste in the process

Redirected Hours - Projection: 915

Posted June 30, 2015

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January-December 2015

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