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Standard process with one entry point delivers the right information more quickly

Agency: Ohio Department of Health
Process: ODH Response to Infant Mortality Data & Information Request
Project Leader: Theresa Seagraves
Team Members: Luz Allende, John Paulson, Dyane Gogan Turner, Lori Deacon, Amy Davis, Connie Geidenberger, Jye Breckenridge, Anna Starr, Russ Kennedy, Beth Conrey, Chip Allen
When: March-August 2015
Contact: William Cartwright
Phone: 614-728-6940

Multiple entry points requesting infant mortality information (e.g., hot/warm spot maps, IM rates, information on the initiatives ODH, OEI or OCPIM are implementing). There was not a standardized or clearly defined process for gathering the information or having the information reviewed and approved prior to distributing it to the individual or organization making the request. At times this resulted in inaccurate information or data being shared.

Biggest Change:
Created a standardize process to fulfill these requests along with identifying one entry point to minimize errors/mistakes.

Other Changes: Red flagging specific requests of critical importance earlier in the process to avoid the need for rework.

Steps - Baseline: 62
Steps - Projection: 31

Handoffs - Baseline: 14
Handoffs - Actual: 8

Loopbacks - Baseline: 4
Loopbacks - Projection: 2

Decision Points - Baseline: 18
Decision Points - Projection: 5

Posted January 15, 2016

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January-December 2015

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