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Crucial survey gets better information in half the time

Agency: Ohio Department of Higher Education
Project Type: Camo Belt Project
Process: Customer Feedback
Project Leaders: Nikia L. Fletcher
Team Members: Marquita Mitchell, Cindy Zengler
When: November-December 2015
Contact: Nikia L. Fletcher
Phone: 614-728-2793

The results from surveys during the program reviews were not yielding the data needed from students, volunteers, and staff. Survey questions were not relevant; the survey did not provide the program managers adequate review time for recommendations. As a result, staff would spend a considerable amount of time during a two-day review trying to get feedback instead of focusing on services to students. This was essentially a case of double work. 

Biggest Change: Three major improvements include changing when the survey is completed, revamping the questions in the surveys, and changing survey collection. This achieves the aim of getting useful information from the students, staff and volunteers while respecting confidentiality -- and getting it in advance of the site visit.

Other Changes:  This feedback process is part of a larger program review process change for the office. The program review was in itself an unwieldy and confusing process. The new process divides the review into two portions: pre-review and on-site review. Materials that can be reviewed in advance of the actual site visit (including the new surveys) are due prior to the actual review, allowing time to focus on the two portions of the review individually and fully.

Steps - Baseline: 7
Steps - Projection: 5

Handoffs - Baseline: 6
Handoffs - Projection: 2

Forms - Baseline: 1 paper form
Forms - Projection: 1 online form

Lead Time: The old process gave a one-month window for completion followed by an additional two days to review the results. The new process consolidates the process to two weeks and gives a better foundation to the site portion of the review.

Benefits: The Program Review is high-stakes for the fiscal agent. Information resulting from the surveys is used to create a review report that is presented to the Superintendent/CEO. Completing the surveys under the new process gives greater credibility to the process (ensuring confidentiality) and, since it asks the right questions, it shortens the amount of time spent trying to get information during the face-to-face - allowing time for other important components of the review.

Posted January 15, 2016

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January-December 2015

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