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Automation ends the paper and speeds up the time for managing travel requests

Agency: Ohio Department of Medicaid
Project Type: Camo Belt Project
Process: Travel Request Process
Project Name: Travel Request Point Solution
Project Leaders: Sherri Trott and Takisha Diamond
Team Members: Martha Arter, Sushanth Chalasani, Lara Morris, Sherri Trott, Takisha Diamond, Jennifer Demory, Michelle Horm
When: 2015
Contact: Martha Arter
Phone: 614-752-2411

A manual paper process was used for submitting, reviewing, and approving travel requests.

Biggest Change: Automated process that sends email notifications to the next reviewer/approver.

Number of Processes - Baseline: 10
Number of Processes - Actual: 4

Lead Time - Baseline: 1-2 weeks
Lead Time - Actual: within 3 days

Posted January 15, 2016

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January-December 2015

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