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5S transforms conference room storage

Agency: Ohio Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services
Project Type: Camo Belt -- 5S of Conference Room
Project Leader: Christina Price
When: 2015
Contact: Christina Price
Phone: 614-752-0116

There were too many technology items and office supplies in various places in a conference room. Some items were on small tables in the corner and others were stored in drawers. Cords were loosely placed and created a safety concern. It was unclear where items were to be stored and which keyboard-mouse went with each PC.

Items are now stored for easy and efficient access. Each shelf was labeled, and photos were added to label the spaces where each item is stored. A TV cart was repurposed from DAS salvage; the top shelf was trimmed and storage hooks were added for cord storage. Excess chords are bound with velcro style binding when not in use. All items (laptop, speakers, keyboard, phone, supplies) are now kept in order.

Posted January 15, 2016

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January-December 2015

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