Making state government in Ohio simpler, faster, better, and less costly. .

1 simple accounts receivable process will become standard practice, replacing 5 separate agency processes

Agency: Budget and Management
Project Type: Kaizen Event
Process: Accounts Receivable
Team Name: AR U Ready?!
Project Leader: Korrina Thomas, OBM
Team Members: Korrina Thomas (Team Leader), OSS; Shawn Smith, PUCO; Teri Gardner, MHAS; Tim Ogonek, OSS; Cathy McNamara, AGE; Brent Wentzel, OSS; Kim Bright, AGE; Jennafer Sancho, DODD; Janet Jackson, AGE; Vicki Gordon-Smith, DODD; Kevin Flanagan, AGE; Michael Rhoades, TOS; Amanda Akers, OSS; Diane Hare, OSS; Stacey Cumberlander, TOS; Yvonne Gore, JFS; Angela Gonzales, JFS; John Yoho, DAS; Mary Sen, DAS; Gerry Sadorra, OSS; Kelly Salomone, OBM; Brandi Crowley (LeanOhio Facilitator); Scot Burbacher (LeanOhio Facilitator)
When: February 2015
Contact: Korrina Thomas
Phone: 614-338-4816

Accounts Receivable processes vary by agency and payment type.

Biggest Change:
Analyzed data, challenges, best practices, and requirements of five agencies to design one standardized process.

Other Changes:
Single point of entry: A shared web-based portal will allow for customers of all participating agencies to utilize a single location for making payments. • Reduced processing time: Through standardization, process step reduction, and use of
automation, payment processing time will be drastically reduced; in some cases, payments may be processed instantaneously.

Steps - Baseline: 118
Steps - Projection: 21

Decision Points - Baseline: 14
Decision Points - Projection: 3

Posted June 30, 2015

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January-December 2015

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