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Mistake-proofing speeds up invoice process

Agency: Budget and Management
Project Type: Green Belt
Process: Enterprise Content Management Process Structure
Project Leader: Tiffany Wilson
Team Members: Tiffany Wilson, Jessica Gravely
When: 2015
Contact: Tiffany Wilson
Phone: 877-644-6771

The process for returning improper invoices to an agency/vendor was taking too long, averaging 12.8 day. OAC 126-03-01 allows 15 days. At times, improper invoices were returned with an inaccurate or unclear explanation of the rejection and how to correct the issue. Both internal and external customers (agency/vendor) were negatively affected by the process.

Biggest Change:
Poka-yoke the exception job aid and standard comments for invoice returns. Train staff on this new approach.

Steps - Baseline: 73
Steps - Projection: 40

Decision Points - Baseline: 8
Decision Points - Projection: 3

Delays - Baseline: 17
Delays - Projection: 3

Lead Time - Baseline: 12.8 days
Lead Time - Projection: 10 days

Posted January 15, 2016

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January-December 2015

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