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Invoice payments running 8 days faster now that process steps have been cut in half

Agency: Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities
Project Type: Green Belt Project
Process: Case Services Invoice Process
Project Leaders: OOD Staff: Maria Seaman, Alissa Otani-Cole, Darin McCoy, Donna Rhoads, and Vicki Smith
Team Members: Twenty-seven subject-matter experts from across the state representing various geographical areas. Positions included: Account Examiners, Office Assistants, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors and Supervisors, Contract Support Staff and Coordinators, and Finance Staff.
When: 2014-15
Contact: Raivo Murnieks
Phone: 614-438-1254

To standardize and improve the timeliness and accuracy of the invoice processing and payment approval process.  

Biggest Change: Creation of centralized fax queues so that all account examiners can work the pool of invoices. Moved away from staff assigned to specific vendors.

Steps - Baseline: 40
Steps - Projection: 19

Handoffs - Baseline: 5
Handoffs - Projection: 3

Loopbacks - Baseline: 4
Loopbacks - Projection: 2

Decision Points - Baseline: 5
Decision Points - Projection: 3

Delays - Baseline: 3
Delays - Projection: 1

Lead Time - Baseline: 10 calendar days
Lead Time - Projection: 2 calendar days

Status as of July 30, 2015:
 The project is 90 days into piloting the newly developed case services payment process in the Northwest Area (75% complete). Bill Payment turn-around time has been reduced to two business days (with a goal of two).

Posted June 30, 2015

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January-December 2015

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