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Improvements to Disability Hearings are driving down process time and costs

Agency: Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities
Project Type: Green Belt Project
Process: Disability Hearings Unit Process
Project Leaders: Heather Graham (Lead), Lori Carter, Michelle Cunningham,  and Dara Turner from OOD. Mary Kotynski (Lottery Commission)
Team Members: Teresa Gray (Assistant Deputy Director), Kristin Casebolt, Laura Dunipace, Dawn Kneessi, Andrea Leonard, Delonda Mayle, Jill McQuaide, Ron Moreno, Christian Mortach, Wendy Rutter, Paula Stoffel, and Courtney Yoho
When: 2014-15
Contact: Raivo Murnieks
Phone: 614-438-1254

43% of scheduled hearings are not kept by claimants. In 68% of these cases, the claimants are no-shows. The other 32% call to cancel or reschedule before the day of their hearing, or the unit is able to make a determination with the evidence in file and the hearing is not needed.

Biggest Change: Establish multiple points of communication with the claimant before the hearing. Schedule the type of hearing the claimant prefers. Better ensure they are aware of and will attend the hearing.

Other Changes: Establish a First Contact letter and process that promotes individual involvement in the hearings process and eliminates duplication of work for staff.

Steps - Baseline: 71
Steps - Projection: 13

Handoffs - Baseline: 11
Handoffs - Projection: 3

Decision Points - Baseline: 8
Decision Points - Projection: 5

Lead Time - Baseline: 191 calendar days
Lead Time - Projection: 90 calendar days

Backlog - Baseline: 1,200 claims
Backlog - Projection: 945 claims

Direct Cost Savings - Projection: $4,800 saved annually in reduced travel to hearing locations

Update: The last steps of the project are being implemented in early January 2016. Pre-scheduling and hearing reminder phone calls will begin in order to increase communication with claimants. The goal is to schedule the type of hearing that claimants prefer in order to decrease the no-show rate. Actual travel costs in the first quarter of FY16 were $0.

Posted June 30, 2015 • Updated January 15, 2016

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January-December 2015

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