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Help Desk backlog goes to zero now that field supervisors are making more case-related decisions  

Agency: Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities
Project Type: Green Belt Project
Process: Help Desk Ticket Process
Project Leader: Raivo Murnieks, OOD
Team Members: Kristen Bosley, Manager – IT Help Desk; Gaithri Raj, BVR and AWARE Supervisor; Pam Laing, Program Administrator; Ken Vendley, Information Technologist; Kim Williams, Infrastructure Specialist; India Latham, Program Administrator, Christine Mango-Wilson, Counselor, Christine McMahon, Supervisor; Marge Melick, Supervisor; Alissa Otani-Cole, Rehabilitation Program Specialist; Donna Rhoads, Account Examiner; Lise Seavers, Counselor; Diana Stine, Counselor
When: 2012-13
Contact: Raivo Murnieks
Phone: 614-438-1254

There was variation and multiple points of entry, resulting in situations in which tickets were handled and documented multiple times by different staff. Information received from customers was lacking in completeness and, in some instances, these tickets were not properly assigned, thus delaying a timely and proper response to the customer. Improved the process for assigning and subsequently resolving AWARE (OOD's Vocational Rehabilitation Case Management System) help desk tickets.

Biggest Change: Eliminated re-work by giving field supervisors permissions to manage and make certain changes to cases, without needing to submit help desk tickets. The number of Help Desk Tickets submitted was reduced by 50%.

Steps - Baseline: 18
Steps - Actual: 13

Decision Points - Baseline: 8
Decision Points - Actual: 6

Delays - Baseline: 4
Delays - Actual: 2

Backlog - Baseline: 224
Backlog - Actual: 0

Redirected Hours - Actual: 200

Benefits: Elimination of certain actions that required Help Desk support, not only reduces the number of tickets that need to be created, but frees up the time of Help Desk support staff to work on all other help Desk tickets; improving timeliness and responsiveness. 

Additional Information: Through reinforced messaging and standardized communication, the percentage of valid Help Desk tickets improved from 75% to 90%.

Posted June 30, 2015

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January-December 2015

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