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From 9 hours to 9 minutes: Transformed pay process is setting speed records while savings thousands of dollars  

Agency: Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities
Project Type: Black Belt Project
Process: Medical Contractor Pay Process
Team Name: MCPP Team LSBB
Project Leader: Tom Melfo, OOD
Team Members: Beth Stephens, Stephanie Biller, Stephanie Johnson, Prahba Sankor, Erik Williamson, Tom Melfo
When: 2012-13
Contact: Tom Melfo
Phone: 614-438-1299

Medical Contractor Pay Process took between 8-10 hours of work time to process daily and had multiple opportunities for defects at the request process points.   

Biggest Change: The improved process is now completed in 6-12 minutes over 90% of the time

Other Changes: 1) All 26 opportunities to make an error when requesting pay have been eliminated. 2) No processing defects have been recorded in the improved state.

Steps - Baseline: 43
Steps - Actual: 5

Handoffs - Baseline: 12
Handoffs - Actual: 1

Loopbacks - Baseline: 8
Loopbacks - Actual: 0

Decision Points - Baseline: 9
Decision Points - Actual: 2

Delays - Baseline: 15
Delays - Actual: 1

Forms - Baseline: 4
Forms - Actual: 1

Processes - Baseline: 3
Processes - Actual: 1

Lead Time - Baseline: 540 minutes
Lead Time - Actual: 6 minutes

Backlog - Baseline: 50
Backlog - Actual: 0

Benefits: During baseline period not a day passed without multiple errors found at the input point, during throughput, or in the final approval stage.  
Savings - Actual: $36,720
Savings Source: Reductions in work time spent processing pay, correcting errors and reporting errors for audits 

Redirected Hours - Actual: 2,000

Additional Information: This process has required very little maintenance since implementation.  It now provides much better data for reporting and audits.

Posted June 30, 2015

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