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Crucial determination is arriving 62 days faster on average for Ohioans seeking vocational rehab services

Agency: Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities
Project Type: Kaizen Event
Process: Vocational Rehabilitation Eligibility Determination Process
Team Name: Team Supermodel
Team Members: Christy Ash – Eligibility Counselor, Youngstown; Devin Aumend - Caseload Assistant, Columbus; Sandy Burtscher – Supervisor, Sandusky; Pat Carroll - Account Examiner, Mansfield; Bocar Dieng – Consumer, RSC Staff; Maria DiGennaro - Account Examiner, Columbus; Brian Eskridge - Caseload Assistant, Youngstown; Mark Fay - Area Manager; Karen Johnson – Eligibility Counselor, Columbus; Katherin Karwatske - Counselor, Portsmouth; Bill Lindsey - Eligibility Counselor, Lake County; Aneesa Locke - Rehabilitation Pro
When: 2011-12
Update: Refinements to the process continue -- see below for updated efficiency gains and backlog reductions
Contact: Raivo Murnieks
Phone: 614-438-12545

Officially, there were five different eligibility models, with each OOD office or county team choosing an approach based on its needs and staffing levels. Many teams used more than one model, or a combination of models, or their own modified versions. It was variation in the extreme, leading to numerous different models across the state. In terms of process time, it was taking 129 days on average for a client to go from referral to application to eligibility determination.

Biggest Change:
Standardization: 5 different models with 88 approaches were standardized to 1 model and approach.

Steps - Baseline: 46
Steps - Actual: 27

Decision Points - Baseline: 12
Decision Points - Actual: 4

Delays - Baseline: 14
Delays - Actual: 3

Processes - Baseline: 88
Processes - Actual: 1

Lead Time - Baseline: 90 calendar days
Lead Time - Actual: 28 calendar days (69% reduction) UPDATED

Backlog - Baseline: 6,473 applications
Backlog - Actual: 1,590 applications (75% reduction) UPDATED

Posted June 30, 2015 • Updated January 15, 2016

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January-December 2015

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