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Procurement process for Turnpike facilities will move up to 85 days faster

Agency: Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission
Project Type: Camo Belt Project, Kaizen Event
Process: OTIC Procurement Process
Team Name: Team $50K
Project Leader: Kevin Golick and Tommie Jo Marsilio - Ohio Turnpike Employees
Team Members: All OTIC employees: Tommie Jo Marsilio, Kevin Golick, Barbara Black, Denise Urbansky, Brian Keller, CHris Matta, Anthony Yacobucci, Ron Burgess, William Keaton, Kevin Scott, Jeffery Landel, Julio Medina, Richard Gluszek, John Arvai, Aaron Rittenhouse, Gregory Rumph
Other Agencies Involved: Ohio Lottery, Federal Reserve (fresh-perspective team members)
When: Jul-15
Contact: Kevin Golick
Phone: 440-234-2081 x1151

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Length of time from creation of requisition to delivery of goods/services.

Biggest Change:
A completely re-written Procurement/Contracting Policy Summary in now in place documenting improvements that have become policy.

Other Changes:
1) Signature authority has been pushed down to the workers/supervisors.
2) Increased requisition approval levels across the board, with authority given where none existed prior.
3) Increased approval limits on credit card purchases
4) Reconfigured the entire signature authority process.

Steps - Baseline: 127
Steps - Projection: 19

Handoffs - Baseline: 22
Handoffs - Projection: 7

Decision Points - Baseline: 20
Decision Points - Projection: 4

Delays - Baseline: 15
Delays - Projection: 1

Lead Time - Baseline: max 90 calendar days
Lead Time - Actual: 1 hr to 5 calendar days

Savings - Projection: $133,000
Savings Source: paper, printing, postage and travel

Team $50K

Posted June 30, 2015

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January-December 2015

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