Making state government in Ohio simpler, faster, better, and less costly. .

Basic license applications will go through 16 days faster on average with move to electronic processing

Agency: Ohio State Board of Pharmacy
Project Type: Kaizen Event
Process: Licensing Process
Team Name: The TerminXers
Project Leader: Kevin Mitchell 
Team Members: Amanda Bound, Berena Seifert, Kevin Mitchell, Mark Keeley, Sharon Prentice, David Gallagher, Susan King, Yolanda Freeman, Beverly Wilkinson, Karen Prather, Michael Clark, Cameron McNamee, Rachel Collins, Erika
Curtis, Angie Hunter, Andrea Wagner, Chandra Galante, Teri Gardner (OhioMHAS)
When: July 2015
Contact: Kevin Mitchell

 A lack of standardization in the licensing process led to communication and process breakdowns – delaying the issuing of licenses and causing frustration among customers and staff.

Biggest Change:
Created a simpler application to ensure higher initial quality. Online system will not accept incomplete applications. Paper use will be significantly reduced.

Other Changes:
Clearly defined roles and expectations. • Reduction of classifications and better definitions will add efficiency and clarity. • Barcode system will automate the tracking of records.

Steps - Baseline: 238
Steps - Projection: 42

Decision Points - Baseline: 41
Decision Points - Projection: 7

Lead Time - Baseline: 21 days
Lead Time - Projection: 5 days

Application: Reduced from 18 pages to 4 pages

Savings - Projection: $50,000
Savings Source: Reduced mailing, printing, paper, envelopes

Redirected Hours - Projection: 7,000

Posted June 30, 2015

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January-December 2015

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