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Streamlined HR process is getting jobs posted in one-third the time

Agency: Ohio Department of Public Safety, Ohio State Highway Patrol
Project Type: Black Belt
Process: ODPS HR / OSHP Civilian Hiring Process
Team Members: ODPS: Patrick Wilson, John Audet, Kyle Dupler, Beth Dziatkowicz, Jennifer Pletcher, Angela Lang, Gina Recinella, Kolleen Scott, Janet Jackson, Jennifer McLendon, Kathleen Merrick, Amber Saviers, Kathy Ludowese. OSHP: Charles Linek, Laura Mourne, Jeffrey Carman, Lydia Frey, Ryan Chapman, Gamel Brimah, Andre Swinerton.
When: Implementation in 2015
Contact: Patrick Wilson
Phone: 614-752-7091

Too much time was necessary for HR personnel at the Department of Public Safety to process a "Request to Fill" for civilian positions. In addition, information from HR was not readily available or communicated to hiring managers. The situation was causing frustration and delays.

Biggest Change:
Better communications and changes to the process produced a streamlined process. Automation began in mid-summer of 2015.

Other Changes:
Roles were combined for greater efficiency. Twelve offices/people are involved in the new process, compared to 19 previously.

Steps - Baseline: 189
Steps - Projection: 148

Handoffs - Baseline: 91
Handoffs - Projection: 47

Time from "Request to Fill" to job posted at NEOGOV  - Baseline: 9-111 days
Time - Actual: 5-40 days (63% reduction)

Posted January 15, 2016

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January-December 2015

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