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Quick process mapping eliminates form, reduces errors, and frees up 50 hours for value-added work

Agency: Ohio Supreme Court
Project Type: Camo Belt Project
Process: GRF Payment
Project: Clerk's Office Process Mapping
Team Name: Clerk's Office Process Improvers
Project Leader: Sandra Grosko (SCO), Alan Ohman (SCO)
Team Members: Scott Schaller, Tim Gaunt, Analeah Charles, Amy Reitz, Amie Vetter, Kim Hamiter, Jill Sullivan (all SCO)
When: July 2015
Contact: Alan Ohman
Phone: 614-387-9521

We process mapped the GRF payments the Clerk's office receives to eliminate any redundancies and make the process more efficient.

Biggest Change:
Receipts and reports that were previously signed and sent to the Fiscal office were deemed completely unnecessary and will not continue to be sent.

Other Changes:
The Clerk's office has eliminated use of one of its three forms of data backup -- all shared essentially the same information in different software.

Steps - Baseline: 28
Steps - Projection: 22

Forms - Baseline: 4
Forms - Actual: 3

Benefits: Errors will be reduced because the sheer number of backup forms that were previously filled out contributed to potential mistakes. The process will now be simpler and leaner.

Redirected Hours - Projection: 50 hours

Additional Information: We mapped out additional processes that the Clerk's office has for processing different payments. In each one, redundancies or unnecessary forms/reports were discovered.

Posted June 30, 2015

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January-December 2015

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