Making state government in Ohio simpler, faster, better, and less costly. .

91% of all purchase requests will get processed in 1 day on average with simplified workflow

Agency: Ohio Supreme Court
Project Type: Kaizen Event
Process: Procurement and Contracts Process
Team Name: Team George 2.0
Project Leaders: Craig Mayton, Scott Schaller
Team Members: Andrea Kulikowski, Lei Moore, Ryan Fahle, Mary Harrison, Dan Merrill, Scott Schaller, Melissa Pierre-Louis, Kristina Blake, Katrina Webb, Michael Bradshaw, Analeah Charles, Dan Trevas, Lori Embry, Craig Mayton, Steve Ahrens, and Elisha Ehnes
When: April 2015
Contact: Alan Ohman
Phone: 614-387-9521

Making the procurement and contract process simpler, faster, and standardized for all divisions of the Ohio Supreme Court.

Biggest Change:
Decreased number of staff touching the process: Defined roles have been created in the new process for all involved staff, which will allow each person in the process to know what their expectations and involvement will be.

Other Changes:
Increased utilization of technology: The process will no longer rely on paper requisitions. The new electronic system will eliminate paper and include electronic signatures. This will save valuable time for staff while they maintain the functions of the Court. • One standard process: One standard process will be used for purchases and contracts for all divisions. This will reduce variation and allow for a faster and simpler process

Steps - Baseline: 131
Steps - Projection: 28

Handoffs - Baseline: 37
Handoffs - Projection: 15

Decision Points - Baseline: 19
Decision Points - Projection: 12

Savings - Projection: $4,250
Savings Source: Materials

Posted June 30, 2015

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January-December 2015

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