Making state government in Ohio simpler, faster, better, and less costly. .

Contractor management simplified with standard process and centralized records

Agency: Ohio Department of Taxation
Process: HR & Internal Audit Contractors Onboarding and Offboarding Process
Project Leaders: Marina King
Team Members: Liz Kooi, Sheree Russell, Laura Roesch, Brad Arnold
When: 2015
Contact: Marina King
Phone: 614-728-8425

Not being able to properly onboard or offboard contractors upon completion of their assignment or upon hiring them for an assignment. 

Biggest Change: All records for all contractors housed in one central location.

Other Changes: A standard process established for all contractors. Online training available along with standard definitions and standard operating procedures for the process.

Steps - Baseline: 13
Steps - Actual: 10

Handoffs - Baseline: 4
Handoffs - Projection: 2

Loopbacks - Baseline: 4
Loopbacks - Projection: 2

Decision Points - Baseline: 2
Decision Points - Projection: 1

Delays - Baseline: 3
Delays - Projection: 1

Lead Time - Baseline: 30 calendar days
Lead Time - Projection: 10 calendar days

Posted January 15, 2016

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January-December 2015

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